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Electrosound InReal-1. Latencyfree IEM mixpoint.

Artikelkod: ES10001

Electrosound InReal-1. Latencyfree IEM mixpoint.


Latency free In-Ear

->NEWS:  Remote and store analog mixing from any digital mixing console

Inear monitor mixed by digital consoles,  often suffer of quality due to system latency.


Eliminates all latency-related issues, with in-ear or headphone monitors.

For Live and in studio.

IN REAL 2 is a 100% analog mix unit, made of high precision components.

Two separate channels housed in a solid aluminum 1U 19” rack.

IN REAL 2 is used to mix your vocal mic with the over all monitormix, without passing digital latency components.

IN REAL 2 has a specially-designed mic channel.

It uses optimized variable phase correction and EQ, to ensure that your vocal sound is heard ”right in your head”.

->NEWS: Vocal mic channel is also equiped with a Unique VCA function, remoted from

ANY other digital or analog mixingconsole. Levels can stores in digital consoles scenmemories with other channels.

Each channel is also equiped with an insertpoint, in case extra channel processing is needed.

Each channel has two mix outputs with separate masters.

Backpanel XLR outputs connects to singers in-ear system.

Frontpanel headphone jack is for monitor que listening.

Pris (exkl. moms)

18 300 kr

18 300 kr